Flu Vaccination

Flu can be anywhere and is easily spread through talking, coughing and sneezing. 

In 2023, flu vaccinations are free for:

  • children aged 6 months to 12 years old

  • pregnant people

  • Māori and Pacific people over 55

  • people aged 65 and over

  • people with underlying health conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and serious asthma

  • people with significant mental illness such as schizophrenia or those currently accessing mental health services.

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Should I get the flu vaccination?

The short answer is Yes. The Ministry of Health suggest that almost everyone* can benefit from the protection of an annual Flu Shot.

*A small number of people, such as those who have had a severe reaction to an influenza vaccine previously or those who have a severe allergy to chicken eggs should not be vaccinated without first consulting a doctor.

Isn't the Flu just a bad cold?

No. A cold virus only affects the nose, throat and upper chest and lasts for a few days, whereas influenza, commonly called the flu can be a serious illness that affects the whole body and can last a week or more.

Infection with the Flu virus can lead to a stay in hospital for any age group but particularly if you are elderly or have an ongoing medical condition. Flu can make an existing medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes, a lot worse.

Even if you do not end up in hospital, Flu can keep you in bed for a week or more, preventing you from going to work, playing sport or just about anything else that requires leaving the house.

Can the flu shot give me the flu?

No. You cannot get influenza from the vaccine.

The Flu vaccine is made up of dead flu viruses. Since they aren’t live, you can’t catch the flu from them. When you get the vaccine, your body learns what the flu looks like, so it can fight the illness. It takes about 2 weeks for your body to be ready to fight.


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