Medicine Management Service

Do you struggle to keep track of which medicines to take throughout the day, and when to take them?

We offer a medicine management service, in which we use compliance packing to pack your medicines according to the directions of your doctor, which may help you to better manage your medicines.

Ask us about our medicine management service the next time you bring in a prescription, or prior to your next scheduled repeat.

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Sachet Packing Service

We can pack your medications into weekly, monthly or 3 monthly compliance sachets.  The medications are packed into the correct dose, time and day within each sachet.  Each sachet has the patients name, date, dosage time and list of medications within that sachet. 

So simple to use.

The sachets are all in the correct order, and are wound into a roll and placed inside a box. The sachet that is due to be taken next is pulled out through a gap in the box. You simply tear off that sachet and tear the sachet downwards from the top. They open very easily.

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